How Itmatic helped Two Plugs

Here is a case study of how we transformed an amazing concept of the online marketplace into an engaging application.

Client’s Aim

The aim of our client was to create an ultimate service marketplace for all skilled professionals and employers. The client wanted Two Plugs to become an online network where people could offer their skills as services in exchanges for the services of others. It is basically a cashless marketplace that hopes to tap into the potential of everyone by earning points.


Predominantly, the challenge of creating this application was to develop more than just an application that allowed people to exercise their potential and enhance their skills. We wanted to create an experience that could help everyone hone their skills. 

All through the journey of this project, the challenges that we faced are as follows:

  • App development from scratch even with limited features and technology details shared by the client.
  • Creating the fastest and most functional online service marketplace with user-friendly and innovative features for exchanging your potential.
  • Accomplishing app development is a short time frame.
  • Delivering an extremely high-quality application within a competitive budget.

Features Of App

  • User Account
  • Search Options
  • Buying and Selling Services
  • Earning and spending credits called eeds
  • Live posting


From heeding to the requirements of the client to acquiring all the unplanned application ideas for analyzing the structure of the software application so that clients could exercise their potential, we did it all. We have a team of passionate and committed professionals who worked on this project with an admirable zeal whilst suggesting all the below mentioned points:

  • We listed, suggested, and implemented the best in class features that could be integrated within the application for the client’s business needs.
  • We designed the user experience and architecture to make this online network a smart way to buy and sell a service
  • We made the application flexible and cost-effective with modern features.
  • We followed a module-based agile approach for delivering the app within the right time frame.


It was with the support of experts in our team that we managed exceptional hard work all through the development process of this application. The final result was meticulously planned and because of that plan, we were able to design an entirely functional application that worked with the best in class user experience and performance.

  • With a planned approach and determined plan, our team was able to deliver an application that went way ahead of the expectations of our clients.
  • Two Plugs emerged more than a product. It became a way of living. It was welcomed and well-liked by everyone.
  • As an online service portal, Two Plugs has received great appreciation in addition to gaining an edge in the market. We are proud of our efforts in making a functional application.

Two Plugs is a platform that has been allowing people to offer their skills as services in exchange for the services of other users or credits in their system. The credit points can be redeemed for services being offered by the community. It is a platform where skills mean more than money.

Technology Used

For those who know what they’re looking for

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Angular
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React js