Quality Assurance

Simplifying complex processes.If you have complex processes on your website, app or software platform such as lengthy forms that need accurate data input or time-consuming multi-stage purchase processes, getting the user experience right is vital.

QA Services

Itmatic QA team consits of detail-oriented engineers with vast experience in different areas of software development. Our reliable QA services include:

Automated Testing

Automated testing is the alternate route. Instead of doing the same things after each minor update, the QA team can create or take advantage of existing automation tools that help to automate the tests and compare their results with the expected behavior.

Usability Testing

We perform end-to-end usability lab testing by recruiting users who match your target profile and observing them as they interact with your website. Rather than depend solely on quantitative methods, qualitative usability testing helps us provide actionable recommendations to improve critical flows through your site by determining pain points in the user experience.

Stress Testing

These types help determine the stability and reliability of application as well as study the performance of application under various loads.

Functional Testing

Our testers will check if your software's functionalities run correctly. They will test plans, suits, and test cases that you can look through if needed.

Compatibility Testing

With compatibility testing services you will get to know your customers interests and complaints. The objective of this test type is to if the products meets its business objectives.

What QA Team is dealing with

Our QA testing team is working on various projects:
  • Website and application testing
  • Regression testing
  • Mobile testing (Manual & Automatic)
  • Verification testing
  • Security testing
  • Test documentation design and creation