Here is a case study of how we transformed a concept of food ordering and delivery service into an engaging application.

Client’s Aim

The client was on the lookout for a fast, functional, attractive and user-friendly food ordering application for their business so they could enhance the user engagement while prospering their business. With an objective to enable customers to experience quick and easy food delivery, Foodoo aimed to revolutionize the food ordering system by presenting users a way to taste delicious food from the comfort of their homes.


Predominantly, the challenge of creating this application was to develop more than just an application that allowed food ordering and delivery. We wanted to create an experience that users loved thoroughly. 

All through the journey of this project, the challenges that we faced are as follows:

  • 1. App development from scratch even with limited features and technology details shared by the client.
  • 2. Creating the fastest and most functional food ordering application embedded with user- friendly and innovative features for ordering food.
  • 3. Accomplishing the app development in a short time frame.
  • 4. Delivering an extremely high-quality application within a competitive budget.

Features Of App

Foodoo gained remarkable appreciation amongst the local foodies with its quick delivery process while driving multi fold sales.

  • User Account
  • Restaurant & Food details
  • Instant Delivery
  • Food Menu
  • Location Services
  • Review, Rating & Feedback Options
  • CLosing Timing Details
  • Quick Payments
  • Search Options
  • Track Order
  • Restaurant & Food details


Right from listening diligently to the client and gathering their unplanned application ideas to analyzing the architecture of the desired food restaurant, food menus and other details for engaging the target audience, we did it all. Our passionate and committed team took on the project with a great spirit while suggesting the below mentioned options reliant on market scenario:

  • We listed and suggested the best in class features that could be integrated within the application for client’s business needs.
  • We designed the user experience and architecture for making the menu section while adding order to the cart quickly and comfortably.
  • We made the application flexible and cost effective with modern features.
  • We followed a module based agile approach for delivering the app within the right time frame.


Our team of experts exhibited exceptional teamwork and sensibility all through the development process for taking this application to the next level. The final outcome was concisely planned and because of that we were able to make a completely functional application loaded with the best user experience and performance.

  • With hard work and focused methodologies, we were able to deliver an app that surpassed the expectations of our clients.
  • The product we made received immense customer engagement and online orders.
  • The Foodoo business has garnered a high recognition along with a competitive edge.  This issomething that gives us immense satisfaction.
  • Foodoo gained remarkable appreciation amongst the local foodies with its quick delivery process while driving multi fold sales.

Technology Used

For those who know what they’re looking for

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Angular
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React js