Top Ten Development Tools You Need In 2021

posted on 06-07-2015
The world of web development is enhancing at a quick pace and now every brand we know has a concrete website. Have you ever wondered the reason behind such an evolution? Well, it’s none other than the multiple tools, frameworks, and libraries getting launched often. It’s these tools only that have made it easy and efficient to work on websites for the various web development companies in India. From writing, testing, and debugging, web development tools are significant in deciding the course of web development. In addition to coming with browser add-ons and multiple built-in features, the web development tools assist in testing the interface of a website, web application, and web portals in a way that it is formed close to requirements and streamlined objectives. Moreover, when web development tools are coupled with the numerous web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc., they further the efficiency and usefulness of a website or a web application. There are multiple types of web development tools and all of them perform a particular role. In this blog, we will list the top ten development tools you need in 2021 to make some of the most functional, interactive, and user-oriented web solutions.
  1. GitHub: One of the most popular web development tools that are out there, GitHub is popularly known as a web-based Git repository service while serving as a Google Drive where users can find codes. Many web development companies in India prefer and use this software because it allows one to upload projects on the platform while keeping them secure and sharing with others.
The GitHub community is quite big and has an impressive project base as well. This makes GitHub one of the best web development tools for any web developer who is looking forward to creating an exceptional product with collaborative development. Owing to the fact, that GitHub is not just a tool to make software but also something that helps you with the process, it comes with all features and benefits that help web developers to review the code and decline the chances of errors.
  1. AngularJS: In case a web developer is looking for an open-source and a front end web application then AngularJS is one of the best options. Not only does it help in extending the HTML syntax for web products, but it also simplifies the entire process of web application development.
It is common to find any top software and web development companies in India use AngularJS since it makes the process of website development readable, expressive, and accessible. It is easy to understand, use, entirely free, and comes with no opaque costs associated with it. Trusted and used by millions of website development companies in India, AngularJS is trusted by millions as an open-source front end web development tool.
  1. JQuery: A widely used and popular JavaScript library that is used for creating websites and web applications, JQuery is a web development tool that supports multiple functionalities. It is easy to use and implement a web development tool using HTML document traversal, manipulation, Ajax.
Additionally, it also uses an extremely interactive and user-friendly web application that meets all expectations. JQuery is an open-source web development tool that is free of cost and offers extensive assistance to web developers as an open-source web development tool.
  1. Grunt: In case you are searching for a task runner on NodeJS then Grunt is one of the best web development tools that can be of assistance. It is a common web development tool that provides flexible functions and features that enable a high level of task automation.
Grunt comes with many bundled plugins that can help in doing common tasks that ease the process of web development. It makes the workflow as easy as setting up a file while supporting the automation process for tasks that are likely to get repeated. What makes Grunt fall in the list of “top ten development tools” is the fact that it is simple, straightforward, and quick to facilitate the web development process.
  1. Bootstrap: The next significant web development tool that every web developer must consider is Bootstrap. It is a framework that assists the developers in the design and development process of websites which makes it a preferred choice of many top web design and development company in India.
Bootstrap is a framework that helps in designing and developing websites using HTML or CSS based layouts. 
  •         It has an easy to use set up process which makes it user friendly as well. 
  •         It comes with an adaptable and responsive grid system 
  •         Easily customizable features 
  •         Cross-browser compatibility
These are some of the features that make it a favourite of web developers from software development companies in India.
  1. Sass: In case you are looking for an easy to use and a straightforward front end web development tool that will consume considerable time in the learning and application development process then Saas is the answer.
Chosen by the best website development company in Chandigarh, Sass provides a robust, reliable, and mature web development tool. As an enhanced version of CSS, it is known to be user-friendly. Sass supports increasing the functionality of the existing CSS of a website or a web application including changes in variables, nesting process, and even inheritance. Entirely compatible with all versions of CSS, Sass is a front end tool that allows one to write and manage CSS.
  1. Chrome dev tools: The next significant web development tool that can be included in this list is that of Chrome dev tools. It allows the web developers to understand to troubleshoot any problem in the code with much-needed ease.
It helps one to easily make edits in the code directly from the Google Chrome browser. Google makes sure that there is an addition of new features every six weeks, making the tool something to be excited about. These features enable one to perform a wide range of tests in the browser, which assists in saving a lot of time.
  1. TypeScript: An open-source front end scripting language, TypeScript is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript that adds optional static typing. It is designed for the web development of large applications and compiles the code to JavaScript.
TypeScript is well known by any credible front end developer from a reputed website development company as a modern tool that accepts JS libraries. It is also possible to use TypeScript in any environment running JavaScript because it accepts definition files that contain type information of existing libraries such as C, C++, header files, operating systems, and devices.
  1. CodePen: CodePen is actually a web development environment for the front end designers and developers. It helps in smoother and faster web development while enabling the creation and construction of test cases and website implementation.
It includes great features for faster CSS writing, enables live viewing and synchronization as well. The API prefill features allow you to add demo pages and links without the need to code anything.
  1. NPM: Node Package Manager or NPM is a web development tool that is made to create a website utilizing JavaScript. It is a web development tool that supports exploring various packages of reusable code and assembling the system in one of the most powerful and useful ways possible.
NPM is an extremely useful web development tool that provides command-line utility and helps in interacting with the repository that aids the package. There are multiple free code packages available in the NPM web development tool that can enable web developers to discover and reuse whatever that works best. CONCLUSION: In sum, the above mentioned are the top ten development tools you need in 2021 to create the best web projects. All these web development tools come with technological upgrades that help them to become efficient, interactive, and useful for web developers. Since the web development market is evolving at a fast rate every day, it becomes all the more significant for businesses to fulfil the demands of customers. ITMATIC comes with wide industry experience in acing web development projects with these top ten development tools. Get in touch to know more if you are on the lookout for someone who can cater to your web development needs.