Top mobile app development frameworks of 2021

posted on 06-07-2015
The data recorded on the total hour’s people spend on the internet are at a remarkable rise every passing year. Therefore, the total numbers of mobile applications that are simple to use compared to desktop applications are on a rise as well. Many app development companies are shifting their attention from the traditional desktop applications to mobile applications for getting maximum benefits from the target audiences. In recent years, multiple businesses have been successful just because of timely developed mobile applications. Mobile applications like Zomato, UberEats, Dunzo, etc. that solve the everyday needs of people have proven to be life-changing. It is a competent mobile app development company that is responsible for the success of multiple start-ups. If a budding entrepreneur wishes to take a business idea into a full-scale success, then a mobile application is key. Unfortunately, there is a wrong notion in the market that it requires a lot of money to hire a mobile app developer. Although earlier, the mobile app development companies were mostly hired by the large scale businesses and corporations only, that is no longer the case anymore. All thanks to the mobile app development frameworks, the entire process of mobile app development can be done in an affordable and streamlined budget and time. With so many options being available in the market, choosing the best can become an overwhelming decision. However, to make this decision simple, below mentioned are some of the top mobile app development frameworks of 2020 that ruled the market. Keep reading to know more about them.

React Native:

One of the most important and popular mobile app development frameworks, React Native was built by Facebook. It is used for developing mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a cross-platform JavaScript framework that has easy maintainability and reusable components. There are many high-performance mobile applications that have been built in a very short period with the help of this framework. React Native reduces the total time taken to build a mobile application that proves to be reliable, functional, and powerful. Being a cross-platform mobile app development framework, Reach Native utilizes a similar codebase needed for Android and iOS applications.


Launched by Google, Flutter is a top mobile app development framework of 2020 that is similar to a software development kit rather than a typical framework. Flutter is popular for building extremely beautiful, natively compiled applications for both mobile and web platforms. It is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that utilizes a single code base for both the Android and iOS app development process. It is based on an object-oriented programming language called Dart. Other than being a cross-platform development framework, Flutter enables the mobile app developers to modify old widgets while creating the new ones effortlessly, quickly accompanied by a flexible UI.


Ionic is a popularly used open-source development framework that is created using Angular and Cordova. It supports cross-platform development and helps in developing applications for three different platforms; Android, iOS, Windows. A minimal DOM architecture is used in Ionic for enhancing performance and bringing better efficiency while offering native APIs like Ionic Native and Cordova. One of the best parts of using the Ionic mobile app development framework is the UI elements that it offers. It presents a wide range of default UI elements like action sheets, filters, forms, navigation menu, and tab bars that help the mobile app developers to focus on the development process rather than UI elements. Ionic is in the list of top mobile app development frameworks of 2020. This is because it is easy to adopt, platform-independent, built on Angular, and has an in-built Command Line Interface.


Xamarin is open-source, and a cross-platform mobile app development framework that uses the same code for applications made on both the Android and iOS platforms. It offers an excellent user interface and provides almost all kinds of important tools that are needed for a mobile application. An important feature of Xamarin is that it used C# programming language, which corresponds to the fact that there is no need to learn Java or Swift when it comes to building an iPhone or an Android application. Xamarin offers native API access, a simple API integration, a huge community of developers, a native UI support, and targets all platforms.


Initially created by Nitobi in the year 2011, PhoneGap was launched with the name Apache Cordova Adobe. After the acquisition of Adobe, the name PhoneGap was changed. PhoneGap is a cross-platform mobile app development framework, which is considered as a reliable platform for developers for making apps with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. It is considered as one of the top mobile app development frameworks of 2020 because it provides best in class performance. It enables mobile app developers to create applications without any hardware restrictions. Additionally, it also supports inbuilt hardware with features such as Camera, GPS, Storage, Accelerometer, etc.


This is one of the best mobile app development frameworks that are available for the iOS platform. It comes with a simply navigable interface. Using Swiftic is a simple option as one gets a money-back guarantee option for almost all of its plans. Other than this, it also offers a 6-month success guarantee scheme. In case a person does not get any result from this, a 6 months long service is absolutely free. Some important features that make Swiftic fall in the list of top mobile app frameworks of 2020 are push notifications, the ability to build your mobile store, in-app coupons, easy communication, menu ordering, app promotion, third party integration, advanced analytics, etc.


After considering a number of important factors such as operating system, development time, and a lot more, the above mentioned are six of the top mobile app development frameworks of 2020. Right from a single platform application to a cross-platform application, mobile application development is developing almost every day. With the ongoing evolution, mobile app development trends have seen a remarkable paradigm shift when it comes to codes, scripts, development methods, deployment, and platforms. The frameworks mentioned above help mobile app developers in creating digital products that solve the everyday needs of customers, thereby making businesses scale new heights of success.