The cost involved for mobile application development in India

posted on 06-07-2015
Today, almost all business owners are looking ahead at transforming their businesses into an online one. With the assistance of a mobile application, businesses can enhance their branding, reduce operation cost with return on investment, and boost productivity with better user engagement. That being said, there is a common factor that business owners think about while approaching a mobile app development company. This factor is the cost involved for developing a mobile application in India. However, the fact is that there is no particular answer to this question because the total price for the design and development of an application depends on multiple features. Firstly, all questions concerning the use of applications, interface design, range of different functions, platforms, data, performance, security, integration, project management, and operation must be clearly identified. Different things define the range of functions of an application and therefore the total cost. This wide range of functions can be clarified by understanding the mobile app strategy. It is one of the most important factors in understanding the cost of mobile app development. In this article, we will try to look at different things that are involved in the cost involved for mobile application development in India. So, let’s begin:

Android App Development Cost:

The process of android application development is reliant on factors like the total hours spent in building the application. This is mostly like an outline maintained by maximum mobile app development companies in India that charge on a per hour basis. It is one of the most delicate processes where the developers execute modifications and changes at the time of development. For developing innovative applications, the mobile app developer must be experienced in creating them. They must be familiar with using the latest technologies and progressive ideas for use. The Indian developers who have innovative background charges for their exceptional mobile app development skill and the results are good. Hence, the cost of creating an android application is entirely dependent on the aim of an application. It is safe to say that the Android app cost will be dependent on the application to create market demands, and the mobile app development company will be chosen to develop it.

The iPhone App Development Cost:

There are multiple reasons why iPhone applications are much more successful as compared to the different operating systems that are in business. It offers exceptional user experience, great in-app purchases, and excellent security for companies. The cost involved in iPhone app development is based on circumstances like the plan, complication, and type of business. A relatively complicated application will require more time to create with detailed planning. For mobile app developers, it takes longer to execute the code of an application because of different shades. It can take time to notice the shades of a switch rightly, but after the development, the application looks exceptionally well designed and user friendly at the same time. The cost of mobile app development depends on the work involved in creating the application. It is based on business and technical boundaries. For instance, an application designed for funding business will require multiple examinations for securing transactions that are risk-free and tested in limits.

App Structure and Features:

After selecting a platform, the time for beginning the mobile app development comes. The expectations of the clients coupled with the technical terms are some of the important factors considered in building an application. For building applications that are more dynamic, some functional features are always included for making the mobile application a lot better.

List based Mobile Applications:

These mobile applications are essential for performing simple combinations of data. To put this simply and accurately, the mobile applications used for providing information on what the user is searching for while being redirected to purchase and comparing products is known as a list based mobile apps.

Database based Mobile Applications:

The database based mobile applications are rather complicated applications made for allowing users to locate, find, and present the information from extensive databases. The database applications are often integrated into a website for retrieving more information from a web service while delivering them to networks for developing table based components.

Dynamic Mobile Applications:

The dynamic mobile applications are the database apps used for relating an online data server to interact with other devices like APIs. Due to the fact, the APIs might change in features, the app development can change from a small cost to a bigger one. Hence, these factors play a big role in deciding the cost that is involved in mobile app development. One of the most significant things to keep in mind is that each application is different and has multiple functional elements. These elements improve the application remarkably and must not be ignored.

Cost of App Design:

The mobile applications with the good design always produce better user experience as compared to others. Spending money to make a relatively better UX is the biggest factor deciding the success of a mobile application. In case the customers notice that the application is not easy to interact with then it puts across a bad reputation for the business. There are a couple of factors that must be used for consideration. As long as the business owners understand the importance of delivering a good user experience to the customers, the chances of the application being successful are plenty.

Support and Maintenance of Applications:

The mobile app development does not end once the application is out in the app stores. The importance of mobile app maintenance costs must be understood and appreciated by the business owners for getting the best results. Once the mobile app developers understand the support and maintenance costs, the results will be error-free and long-lasting. Additionally, the business owners must not spend all of their income in the initial app development stage because it is important for the finances to be spent wisely in the app development stage. The mobile application support and maintenance is the method that keeps an app active and popular.


In sum, there is no particular cost that can be considered as final for the mobile app development. The process that is involved in the mobile app development is reliant on many use cases, added features, and circumstances that help in developing applications for clients. The best way to get a perfect cost is by finding a suitable mobile app development company. The business owners can send a quote request and get a suitable cost from the mobile app development company based on the demands.