App Development: Expectations VS Reality

posted on 06-07-2015
Taking the decision to hire a competent app development company for creating a mobile application is exceptionally worthwhile. We all know that the world we live in is becoming increasingly dominated by technology. Mobile applications are transforming the way people interact with brands, businesses, and even one another. For this reason, web applications have turned out to become immensely prevalent in our lives. They’re rather the key to success for a brand or a business. However, some important questions clients think about are what is the application development process all about? Or, how much time can it take to complete the development process? The fact of the matter is that while approaching the app development process, most clients are focused on their expectations only whilst ignoring the realities. This is mostly why app development expectations vs. reality contrast with each other. After careful consideration and research, we have compiled some practical insights that developers experience during application development. These insights will be very helpful for people who are looking to build a successful application. Let’s have a look at some of the most common app development expectations vs. reality:
  1. EXPECTATION: Very often, clients presume that the mobile version of software applications will work on the desktop version as well.
REALITY: The reality is that mobile applications are entirely different from websites. There are distinct differences that define the applications and websites. Even though mobile websites can be used very well for browsing, the functionality of mobile applications is very different. Mobile applications are primarily created to enable a user to complete a specific task. They are centered on enabling a user to solve the problem of completing a particular app event. The purpose of an application is completely different from that of a website. Hence, the clients must approach it as a digital product that meets specific scenarios. This makes the job of app development companies much easier.
  1. EXPECTATION: Building a mobile application is a simple thing to do because of the availability of multiple tools.
REALITY: The reality is that even the first version of an application takes a substantial amount of time. Irrespective of the fact if the user has a pre-formatted application, the application development process will still involve hours of coding, troubleshooting, and tweaking and feature identification. Some clients may believe that app development is easy with resources such as app templates, freelancers, or tools. However, even with resources like those at your disposal, creating an application needs immense commitment and attention. It is not until you have a committed and passionate team of app developers from an app development company that this process will be made easier.
  1. EXPECTATION: The mobile application will be accepted for the first time in the app store or play store.
REALITY: It is extremely rare that an application gets accepted in the first go. The application needs to be close to perfect for it to accept in one go. The thing is that regardless of how many times a developer might read the App Store submission documentation process; there can be many additional undocumented reasons why the application does not get accepted. Additionally, the review process also takes time. If the hired app development company is good at what they do then even if there is a rejection, the reasons for rejection will be taken note off properly. The competent app developers also ensure to read through the app development guidelines for both android and apple platforms very well. These things ensure that the application gets updated and accepted during the next attempts.
  1. EXPECTATION: Application development can be completed within just a couple of days or a typically shorter time frame.
REALITY: If the application is complex, then it takes time to develop it. If the client is aiming for a functional and complex project then it can even take a couple of months to complete it. Mostly, one can expect a month’s time frame to make the application work entirely.  The more a client demands it quickly the less precise will the app development become? This eventually leads to the application getting rejected.
  1. EXPECTATION: After the application is released in the app store, it will be shortly visible to the potential users.
REALITY: The reality is that for the application to be listed for better visibility and rankings, it needs to be optimized for the app store. If the app store optimization is done while keeping relevant keywords, descriptions, and screenshots in mind then the application will not rank high enough to be visible by the target audience.  The app development company needs to dedicatedly work on app store optimization to ensure that the application gets a good number of downloads in the earlier stages. The more the number of downloads an application gets, the better it will be its visibility. Hence, app store optimization is the key to getting listed and becoming discovered at a better scale. OUR EXPERIENCE OF APP DEVELOPMENT EXPECTATIONS vs. REALITY: While making Two Plugs –  a cashless online service marketplace that allows people to exchange their skills as services, our client briefed us about the idea and rough details. The structure needed to support this application was a big undertaking, so we spent a considerable time reviewing documentation and mock-ups. To build the website, application, network and for supporting back end infrastructure, the cost was competitive and we had to explain it to the client with complete details. Although hesitant at first, the client agreed with the plan and decided to move forward with the development idea because the project and cost justifications were full of substance. You can find our case study on Two Plugs here:  CONCLUSION: Being open-minded about the costs and total time associated with the application development is necessary. The fundamental step in making the app development a seamless process is to look for a competent app development company. Clients must focus on finding a company whose goal is to get your application idea to market. Some of the most successful applications are the ones where the project is planned in complete detail. Clients must have a clear picture of the app development to save the development cost and time. This makes the application development process way more efficient and easier.