7 New Trends To Follow In The Field Of Web Development

posted on 06-07-2015
A prerequisite that decides the success and further enhancement of a business is the capability of that particular business to create a profound presence on the internet. Each year, new and better web application development trends come up to rule over the world of web development. Currently, there are around 1.5 billion live websites on the World Wide Web, and out of all these 200 million are active. A notable fact that this number continues to grow as the new web development trends come up in the market place and keep evolving. In case a business wishes to stay ahead and gain a competitive edge over the competitors then staying focused on the new development trends is significant. This can be achieved in the best possible way if the web developers stay on track with the ongoing trends at the time of the web development process. With substantial research and assessment of various factors, we have finalized a list of 7 new trends to follow in the field of web development. Keep reading to know them all one by one.
  1. JavaScript Frameworks: Without the inclusion of JavaScript Frameworks, the list of new trends in the field of web development will not be complete. When the dynamic web application development process is being talked about, JavaScript is the first and immediate choice of web developers.
An important thing that serves as a benefit of the JavaScript framework is its reusability. When the developers write a function once and reuse it multiple times saving time and effort, their productivity increases manifold. The fact that these frameworks help web developers in numerous ways makes them one of the best and widely known web development trends.
  1. Progressive Web Applications:  The progressive web apps or the PWAs are websites that function like native mobile applications to deliver an exceptional user experience to the customers. With the utilization of internet and HTML5, PWAs have acquired a great momentum making this technology one of the most preferred choice of web development companies in India
At present, mobile users account for over 62% of internet usage. With the total number of smartphone users rising every day, many web design and development companies in India are paying attention to maximizing the benefits of PWAs and how they can change businesses. There is a wide increase in the adoption of PWAs and this is major because they are fast, load instantly, and enable carrying on the work even in the offline mode while all the functions are still being carried out by a native application. The brands must realize that PWAs can be one of the best methods to reach customers efficiently because of the simple fact that they have the capability to enhance user experience. Looking for the top web development company can be a proven way to get a functional and interactive PWA.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots: The impact and use of Artificial intelligence are so wide and rapid that it doesn’t come off as a surprise anymore. It is expected that many of the modern developments in the year 2020 are going to be significantly influenced by Artificial Intelligence. An extremely fine example of AI is a Chatbot.
As a technology AI copies human intelligence with an aim to improve the thinking capabilities like learning, data collection, analysis, multi-tasking automation, etc. According to a report published by Gartner, over 85% of customer interaction is going to be done without humans by 2020. Hence, AI will be highly prevalent in 2020 and the upcoming years. In addition to the chatbots that are used for enhancing customer support, they also fetch leads and create a business reputation by keeping the customers first. Over 47% of customers will prefer buying items from a chatbot and this percentage is again slated for increase in the coming time. Over the multiple advantages of chatbots, the most important one is enhancing customer support. For this reason, more and more businesses are expected to include them on their websites by the year 2020.
  1. Single Page Applications: The single page applications are the ones that reduce the time for web pages by utilizing JavaScript for content loading. These applications decrease the waiting time and web pages in the browser considerably.
Some of the most amazing examples of Single Page applications are Google, Facebook, GitHub, Google Maps, Gmail, etc. Since all the important information gets shown on the page, there is never a problem of running different pages in search of information. All businesses must look out for a top software development company in India that provides exceptional services in single page applications development. This is because making the decision to get web products made with single page applications will offer a great user experience to the customers.
  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages: This web development trend is widely renowned because it provides an increase in the speed of page performance while at the same time reducing the risk of getting closed down by a user. Similar to the PWAs, this technology stands out majorly because the open-source plugins help in the acceleration of page performance
The CMS giant, WordPress came up with the AMP project with an aim to make the process of web development much simpler and efficient for all. With this project, the use of AMPs started delivering fast, high performing and enhanced web experiences. Streamlined for fast operations, AMPs come with a simple design and interactive features that match up a full-scale web product. This is the reason why many web development companies choose to work with AMPs. In addition to helping in saving the UX cost with great speed, the AMPs can be helpful in creating web products that can compete with big market leaders.
  1. Voice Search Optimization: Web development and its future depend on voice search. In addition to virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, a major number of smart devices hear the user’s commands that are given by choice.
In addition to the smart devices that recognize the voices of different people while providing personalized AI-based experiences, most businesses think about the ways in which physical and digital products can be optimized for voice search and commands. Hence, one of the best in the seven new trends in the field of web development will be the voice-activated and optimized devices for web sites and apps. Created using AI, voice search optimization is useful for business owners and users alike.
  1. Motion User Interface: If you wish to improve the user experience then simple, friendly, and highly intuitive technologies are the answer. Motion UI involves elements like graphics, charts, and headers that keep bouncing around the screen.
Other than being significant for the interface design approaches, the motion UI interface is also helpful in enhancing the UI. When it is used by the web developers at the time of web application development, it assists in increasing the computation capabilities of devices and the execution of complex animations quickly.0 Making the use of Motion UI is helpful because it assists in differentiation between a complete design and a simple website along with the best possible user interface. This is extremely helpful in increasing the conversion rates on websites CONCLUSION: All of the above-mentioned web development trends will be seen prevalently in this and the upcoming year. Utilizing them is very important for upgrading the website to a faster, stronger, informative, and useful website. In order to make the most of these trends, businesses must get in touch with the top web development company in India to acquire a competitive edge.